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Supply and Delivery to Depots

Transporting petroleum products by tank truck, tanker, train, and pipeline, OR gives due regard for transport laws, requirements, standards, speed, and safety together with the quality and quantity of fuels delivered direct from depots to consumers. To this end, we rely on technology and innovation of the In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) and the Transportation Management System (TMS) to upgrade and build on our product logistics management while raising the efficiency of operating and controlling tank trucks nationwide around the clock. These practices foster customers’ confidence in OR’s quality, quantity, and service. Finally, we manage transport safety to lower accidents in a sustainable way.

Depot Administration and Operations  

OR operates and controls product reserve storage, loading and offloading, and bottling of fuels and LPG at fuel depots nationwide. These operations are designed for each depot and its customers by tank truck, rail, and tanker. Today, OR’s reserve depots serving oil fuels and LPG to customers are scattered across all regions to cater to their needs and benefit people in all areas through lower transport costs—an element of the fuel price component—thus giving the public quality fuels at fair prices.

Besides these service points, OR has Aviation Depots and Aviation Refueling Units in Thailand. Such service is also found at the Siam Reap Airport and Pochentong International Airport in Cambodia and the Chek Lap Kok International Airport in Hong Kong to promote the global aviation business and commercial transport.

These offices and depots of OR are managed with a quality, safety, security, health, and environmental policy, with ISO quality standard systems fully applied, including ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, and TIS 18001/OHSAS 18001X, to raise product and service quality, productivity, and operators’ safety in addition to fostering the confidence of our neighbors.

Amazon Inspiring Campus

OR founded the Amazon Inspiring Campus (AICA) as a knowledge hub for relevant personnel that will equip them with expertise required for efficiently running the coffee shop business. AICA is where coffee-making inspiration is passed on from one to another and where Café Amazon pride is on hand for coffee lovers through an interactive exhibition, a training center, and a roasting plant.

Oil and Retail Business Academy

Since quality personnel are critical for driving the organization, OR founded the Oil and Retail Business Academy (OBA) as a knowledge hub for developing personnel and stakeholders for greater professionalism.

Big Data Analytics Technology

In Thailand, OR is among the early adopters of the Big Data Analytics technology to aid consumers’ behaviour analyses. Trained to leverage in-depth data, data scientists analyze data using various processes and techniques to come up with ‘descriptive analytics’ (an explanation on what happens), the basis for ‘predictive analytics’ (a prediction of what will happen), and ‘prescriptive analytics’ (recommendations for getting prepared for what will happen). All these craft the ‘individualized customer experience’ that truly and directly caters to consumers’ needs.


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