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Oil Business

Retail Oil Business

OR sells gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), lubricants, kerosene, and several other products through its own outlets and dealers.

Pioneering Thailand’s fuels such as unleaded gasoline, gasohol (E10, E20, and E85) and biodiesel (B7, B10, and B20), all of which command premium specifications, OR perfectly responds to each motorist’s specific needs at all times.

OR currently operates over 1,900 ‘PTT Stations’ located in all corners of Thailand. Besides selling fuels, it introduced various retail businesses into service stations to meet consumers’ needs, for example, a convenience store, a Café Amazon coffee shop, an eatery, and a car care service under the concept of Living Community. Striving to meet community needs and benefit communities surrounding each station to make it a true community hub, OR also aspires to make PTT Stations a direct distribution channel for agricultural produce. It is pleased to take part in designing community business models to jointly enrich the locals’ quality of life and community economy. Today, each PTT Station bears a ‘friendly design’, featuring ramps for accessing all service areas, toilets equipped with facilities and safety equipment, parking for ladies, and emergency buttons together with CCTVs to make it a convenient and safe service station for customers of all genders, ages, and physical conditions.

Commercial Business

OR distributes a wide variety of products to over 2,000 customers, including aviation, marine, and industrial customers, as well as government agencies. It also sells LPG to customers in household, industrial, and transport sectors. At all times, safety is the heart of OR’s business to win customers’ confidence.

Besides selling products, OR is an Energy Solution Provider of miscellaneous business consultation, such as designing systems for receiving, storing, and dispatching products at customers’ sites, control and monitoring of process combustion, and innovation of product substitutes in aid of customers’ cost efficiency endeavors.

OR operates an integrated lubricant business under the ‘PTT Lubricants’ brand by relentlessly developing lubricant products for vehicles with gasoline, diesel, and NGV engines, as well as motorcycle engines, the transport sector, agricultural machinery, and industrial machinery, among others. For over a decade, OR has commanded the No.1 market share of this sector. It also runs FIT Auto service centers that render lubricant change service and basic automotive maintenance to provide motorists with safety and confidence on every trip.

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