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Retail Business

OR is a pioneer for bringing various retail businesses into PTT Station. Amid consumers’ highly diverse needs today, each PTT Station is more than just a ‘service station’ to completely fulfill customers’ needs and deliver a more impressive experience to customers. Available at PTT Stations are a convenience store, retail outlets, food and drinks under assorted brands, car care service, and bank branches, to name a few. Today, OR’s retail business has grown with outlets both in and outside PTT Stations. Some overseas branches have been launched.

Founded by OR over 18 years ago,  Café Amazon has turned into a brand of choice for many coffee lovers. Currently, it boasts the highest number of branches (roughly 3,000) in Thailand. Also running a convenience store business under the ‘Jiffy’ brand and the Pearly Tea drink, OR is a sole distributor and a master franchisee of many food and drink brands, including Texas Chicken and Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum. Besides, allies of food and drink businesses under Thai and international brands have chosen PTT Stations to launch their outlets.

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